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VASCO Identikey M&S

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VASCO Identikey M&S (5414602307019)

VASCO Identikey M&S

Varenummer: 5414602307019
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IDENTIKEY Server is VASCO’s off-the-shelf centralized authentication server. It is the perfect choice to secure remote access to corporate resources and various types of (web-based) applications, from remote access and SSL VPN to SaaS.
The solution is straightforward and scalable, fit to accommodate the needs of both large and small implementations. It offers complete functionality and management features without the need for significant budgetary or personnel investments. This results in a fast and cost-effective rollout.
IDENTIKEY supports Windows and Linux operating systems on 32 bits and 64 bits platforms.

Commercial offer Enterprise Security
IDENTIKEY is available in 4 packaged versions for Enterprise Security use:

The Standard Edition includes RADIUS functionality for a single licensed server. It targets SMBs wanting to secure their remote access infrastructure at the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The Gold Edition offers web filters to secure Outlook Web Access and Citrix Web Interface, additional to the RADIUS support. This version includes licenses for a primary and a back-up server. It is an ideal solution for SMBs that want to offer more functionality and assure availability for their employees.

The Platinum Edition addresses the security needs of companies that want to protect the external access to the corporate network as well as Windows desktop and network logon.

The Enterprise Edition is the most comprehensive solution, offering:
- RADIUS for remote access to the corporate network;
- Web filter support for access to in-house applications (OWA, CWI);
- SOAP for protection of Internet based business applications (e.g. portals, extranet, e-commerce websites, partner services, etc.);
- Licenses for up to seven servers.

It is the perfect solution for SMBs that want to secure more than remote access by using the same DIGIPASS device to secure additional applications at little to no extra cost.
It also addresses the need of large enterprises to set up a pool of replication servers to share the authentication load and assure high-availability. Especially when securing an increased number of customers and partners who use web-hosted applications.

How It Works
IDENTIKEY Server 3.1 verifies authentication requests from standard RADIUS clients against a local database of users. Optional support from existing back-end authentication systems is available.

Remote users can establish their identity quickly with an individually assigned DIGIPASS. The DIGIPASS device generates a unique one-time password that replaces insecure static passwords.

Authentication and transaction validation functions can be integrated into existing web-based applications using a built-in SOAP API. One DIGIPASS device can therefore be used for several applications.
IDENTIKEY comes with a flexible licensing system, allowing easy expansion for additional users and applications. This makes it an ideal solution to accommodate your company's growing needs at your own convenience.

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